Bible Baptist Church Walkerville



After Church one Sunday Morning.


Sunday: 1000 Sunday school for Kids and Adults
Sunday: 1100 Main Service
Midweek Service: 1900 to 2000 Prayer and bible study

All are welcome.


Saturday mornings there is also street preaching in Meyerton or Sasolburg, or one of the other towns near our area.

We are situated in the agriculture area of Walkerville, South of Johannesburg, a quite area amongst the hills of Walkers Fruit Farms. We believe that the King James Bible is the true and only word of God and thus our final authority.

The little Church on the Prairie, as one of our preachers call us, was established about 25 years ago, the buildings being converted from an old shed.   From these humble beginnings, we now have a hall that seats about 60 people, and a fully functioning kitchen. There are also 2 Sunday school rooms made from wood.



Sunday School Rooms.


Our pastor Ron Sykes loves animals, hence the wide range of farm animals that he keeps. Amongst his collection are horses, donkeys, sheep, geese, peacocks, cows, sheep, etc. His wife Merely on the other hand is a keen gardener, her garden being the envy of many in our area.


Contact Details:

Plot 100 Cross and 4th Road Walkers Fruit Farms


Tel: 016 5901340

E Mail:   Ron Sykes






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